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How the Children's House program can support your child 2.5 to 6 years old

Freedom of choice

Individualized lessons

Space to focus

Mixed-age communities

New experiences

The teacher shows each child how to use the learning materials, so that they can work for large chunks of peaceful, uninterrupted time, which helps build  concentration-a useful skill they will take into adulthood.

With the freedom to move around the classroom and choose their own work, children develop internal discipline and social awareness. It also helps them develop a "growth mindset", by tackling new challenges.

Children who attend Guidepost Montessori schools receive individual lessons from their teacher and learn at their own pace. They set the bar higher in terms of academic achievement.

Children enter the classroom at 2.5 years old and are inspired by their older classmates. As they grow, they become the classroom leaders they once looked up to, embracing opportunities to lead and teach their peers.

In a Montessori classroom, the child finds themselves surrounded by opportunities to try something new or develop a new skill. Guidepost Montessori also organizes field trips and extracurricular activities.

All these things (and more!) come together to offer young children a real-life education

  Meet the speakers

Rebecca Girn

Chief Programs Officer, Higher Ground Education

Rebecca Girn is the Chief Programs Officer and General Counsel at Higher Ground Education, the parent company of Guidepost Montessori, whose mission is to help each child reach their full potential through child-centered learning. Girn has an extensive background in Montessori education. She holds Association Montessori Internationale diplomas for children ages 0-3 and 3-6, and leads a team of education experts to develop and execute a scientifically-designed curriculum at Guidepost Montessori schools across the world.

Somaya Billah
Children's House Lead Guide, Guidepost Montessori

Somaya Billah is a Children's House Lead Guide at Guidepost Montessori in Stonebriar, Texas. Billah has been a Montessori guide for 12 years, developing age-appropriate thematic lesson plans to aid learning, and fostering a friendly, child-focused classroom environment. She holds an Early Education Teaching and Childhood diploma from the American Montessori Society. Billah continues to further her professional development by attending and hosting education workshops at her school.

Melissa McElhill

Marketing Content Producer, Higher Ground Education

Melissa McElhill will be your host for the event. McElhill is a Montessori educator, certified by the Association Montessori Internationale, who has taught children aged 10 weeks to 18 years old in the UK, US and China. She is also a qualified positive discipline parent coach, helping families integrate Montessori principles into their lives.

What you'll learn

What a day in the life at the Children's House looks like

The details of the Guidepost Montessori Children's House curriculum.

How to schedule a school visit or a virtual tour.

How to get your questions answered during the webinar or by our admissions specialists!

Child-centered, joyful learning

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