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Virtual School

Bring our Montessori curriculum into your home with this digital DIY subscription. 

  • Choose between Early Years (0-5 yrs) or Elementary ages.
  • Extensive digital resources and lessons
  • Continuous updates
  • No material purchases necessary
  • ...and much more!

Upgrade our Montessori curriculum with both digital resources and learning materials shipped to your home.

  • Initial home set-up concierge with Montessori materials
  • Constantly updated Digital Resources
  • Virtual network-wide events
  • One-on-One support from our team

Our flagship, full-day, online program for students ages 0-12.

  • Directed by Montessori Trained Guides
  • Montessori Materials Delivered to You
  • Regular Physical & Creative Expression 

"I could not see how online learning would benefit anyone, but I was wrong. The program is great. Both of my kids look forward to it and want to continue. That says something."

"I'm a Montessori educator myself, and when I switched to working from home I struggled to make parenting work until I implemented Guidepost Virtual." 

"I am delighted to connect with families, help them navigate online learning, and introduce them to the beautiful world of Montessori!"

Silvana Carpintero

Matt B.

Libby Broom

Guidepost Mom, Florida

Guidepost Dad, California

Lead Elementary Guide, California

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We started Guidepost Montessori in 2016 for parents and educators like us—those who revere a child's potential and are looking for a school that does too. Today, we're the USA's largest Montessori school network, honored to be helping 10,000+ families online and offline. 

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